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Jake LaMotta

The Bronx Bull


Here's a few original press photos of Jake LaMotta testifying in 1960 about the Billy Fox fight of 1947.

The above lot of four is for sale for $49.


Here's a few of Jake with his lovely wife Vicki LaMotta plus one of Jake and brother Joey.

The above lot of four is for sale for $79.



Rocky Marciano
Ezzard Charles







lot of 2 portrait style original press photos take prior to their June 23, 1948 Championship Fight.  Both measure 9" x 7"

The above lot of  two is for sale for $49.




Nice lot of 4 original press photos of all-time great John Henry Lewis.  In 1935, at age 21, Lewis became the first black American to become the light heavyweight champion. Paper captions attached. All measure 9" x 7"



The above lot of 4 is for sale for $59.




Here's a pair featuring "The Brown Bomber" Joe Louis. Joe puts his left on ice after 15 rds with Ezzard Charles and shows his right to Jimmy Braddock.

Both measure 9" x 7".

The above lot of two is for sale for $49.



Nice lot of 4 original press photos World Heavyweight Champions, Ezzard Charles & Jersey Joe Walcott. 3 with captions, 1 with info writing.

The first measures 8" x 10".  The others measure 9" x 7".

The above lot of four is for sale for $75.




No Longer Available!


Lot of four original press photos of two time heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson. All measure 9" x 7".

The above lot of four is for sale for $69  



Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London

Original press photo from their London, England weigh-in.

Gorgeous 8" x 10" head-to-toe shot.

No Longer Available!


Carl "Bobo" Olsen vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

Original 1955 press photo for their Middleweight Championship.

Measures 9" x 7".

Its for sale at $45



Joe "old bones" Brown

Original portrait style press photo of an all-time lightweight great!

Measure 7" x 6".


For sale at $20.



Randy Turpin vs. Sugar Ray Robinson


No Longer Available!.



Rocky Marciano vs. Archie Moore

Original weigh-in press photo taken Sept 20, 1955. Nice 8 x 10.

For sale at $95.



Camden New Jersey - 
Heavyweight Champ of the World - 
Jersey Joe Walcott

Original press photo from 1948 showing Jersey Joe Walcott receiving his championship belt.  Nice 8 x 10

For sale at $55



Philadelphias' Own   Harold Johnson

Nice original weigh-in press photo of Philly's favorite son, Light heavyweight Champion Harold Johnson. Paper caption attached.  Measures 9" x 7"


For sale at $39.






johnnykilbane.jpg (38075 bytes)

Johnny Kilbane

This is a superb original portrait shot of Johnny Kilbane the great featherweight champion.

                                                        No Longer Available!




eugcric.jpg (159699 bytes)


Eugene Criqui, a French war hero, whose shattered jaw was made over by plastic surgery, ended Johnny Kilbane’s 11 year reign in 1923 in six rounds.  Criqui had scored 28 kayo’s in 55 bouts after returning from the war in 1917.  He won the title on June 2 and lost it to Johnny Dundee on July 26, wearing the crown only 54 days.   




chocolate-labarba.jpg (15020 bytes)

Kid Chocolate /
Fidel La Barba

At left, Kid Chocolate and Fidel La Barba, the retired undefeated flyweight champion, as they appeared before their 1929 bout.  Both men were reported to be in top physical shape.

No Longer Available!





youngjackthompson.jpg (191337 bytes)


Defeated Jackie Fields in 1930 via decision for the World Welterweight Championship.  Thompson lost it to Tommy Freeman on September 5, 1930 then won it back from Freeman on April 14, when Tommy couldn’t come out for the 13th round.  On October 23, 1931, Lou Brouillard out pointed Young Jack Thompson for the title.  Measures 8" x 10". 




Jack Sharkey

 No Longer Available!



Jack Sharkey/
Tom Heeney

No Longer Available! 



Jack Sharkey/
Johnny Risko

No Longer Available!



Original Artwork

Beautiful original watercolor professionally mounted on wood by the legendary ESPN official SPORTS CENTURY artist and RING MAGAZINE cover artist Gabe Perillo.

This 1978 original watercolor of KEN NORTON was to grace the cover of RING MAGAZINE if KEN NORTON the winner of his historic fight with LARRY HOLMES.