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Boxing Autographs

The next 5 pieces are from the legendary Nat Fleischer Collection - These are all inscribed to "The RING" man himself.  If you're looking for a pedigree then this is it!


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Harlem Tommy Murphy

“Harlem” Tommy Murphy, while never a champion, fought the best of his day.  Ranked among the top lightweights of the early 1900’s, his ferocious battles with Abe Attell, Ad Wolgast and Willie Ritchie are well documented in boxing lore.  In 1912 and 1913, in twenty round contests in San Francisco, he defeated both Abe Attell and Ad Wogast by decision.  He lost a 20 round decision for the World’s Lightweight Championship to Willie Ritchie in 1914, also in San Francisco.

A gorgeous sepia toned photograph, boldly inscribed to Nat Fleischer and signed by  Harlem Tommy Murphy in black fountain pen.  Measures 10 inches by 7 inches.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE 



Fritzie Zivic

 One of the dirtiest fighters in the business, Fritzie Zivic was also one of the most popular.  With 233 lifetime-recorded bouts, he was also among the busiest.  A popular Madison Square Garden fighter, Zivic won the World’s Welterweight Title from and successfully defended it against Henry Armstrong in 1940/41. 

A gorgeous sepia toned fight posed original photograph, neatly inscribed to Nat Fleischer and boldly signed in beautiful blue fountain pen by Fritzie Zivic as Welterweight Champion of the World.  Measures 9 ¼ inches by 6 ¼ inches.  It's for sale at $149.



Lou Ambers

 One of the top lightweights of the 1930’s, the “Herkimer Hurricane” established himself as a slick yet very aggressive boxer.  After turning pro in 1932, he was ranked the number one contender in 1935 but lost a 15 round decision to Champion Tony Canzoneri.  He defeated Canzoneri via decision in 1936 to win the Worlds Lightweight Championship.  Ambers lost the title to Henry Armstrong in 1938 but regained it the following year.  He was only stopped twice in his career, both times by Lew Jenkins.  The first time cost him his crown and after the second he retired.

A beautiful sepia toned original photograph, neatly inscribed to Nat Fleischer and signed as Lightweight Champ in black fountain pen by Lou Ambers.  Measures 9 inches by 5 ¾ inches.  It's for sale at $124.



Tommy Loughran

One of the cleverest boxers in modern ring history, Thomas Patrick Loughran successfully defended the Lightheavyweight championship against Jimmy Slattery, Leo Lomski, Pete Latzo, Mickey Walker and James J. Braddock before giving it up to campaign as a heavyweight.  He was Ring Magazines fighter of the year in 1929 and 1931.

A brilliant sepia toned original photograph of Loughran receiving his Ring Belt.  Beautifully inscribed and signed boldly in deep blue fountain pen by Tommy Loughran.  Measures 9 ¼ inches by 6 ½ inches.  It's for sale at $199.


Willie Ritchie

Born In San Francisco, February 13, 1891, Willie Ritchie was a superlative boxer in all phases of the business.  Spending the first 5 years of his career in California, Ritchie won the World Lightweight Championship from Ad Wolgast in Nov. 1912 in Daly City (Wolgast was DQ'd in the 16th RD for low blows).  In 1913, Willie beat off a fierce challenge by Mexican Joe Rivers by KO'ing him in the 11th.  Ritchie later decisioned Harlem Tommy Murphy in 20.  He ventured to London where he was narrowly out pointed by Freddie Welsh.  Willie Ritchie retired from the ring in 1917 and trained U.S. soldiers as a boxing instructor.  He was later appointed boxing inspector for the California State Athletic Commission.   

A vintage sepia toned fight posed original photograph, neatly inscribed to Nat Fleischer and boldly signed in beautiful dark blue fountain pen by Willie Ritchie.    Measures 9 inches by 7 inches.  It's for sale at $149.





William Lawrence Stribling Jr., had 285 fights behind him when he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1933 at the age of 28.  He KO’d 125 opponents, a record topped only by the great ARCHIE MOORE.  The “King of the Canebrakes” never won a championship, but his career was still going strong when it was cut short.  An extremely rare and desirable autograph. 



An original 8 X 10 sepia tone Volpe Studio photograph inscribed and signed by Young Stribling in magnificent condition.   

Inscribed and boldly signed in black fountain pen ink: "To My Friend Mr Fillioux, With All Good Wishes For The Wonderful Treatment Shown Me While in Paris,  W.L. Stribling Jr. 11-5-29" 

Signed while in training for the Primo Carnera fight on December 7, 1929 in Paris, France. 

The finest autographed photo of Young Stribling I've owned.  It's for sale at $499.    NO  LONGER AVAILABLE!



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This man’s fight with the legendary DICK TIGER drew a sub-par 11,547 fans to Madison Square Garden on May 24, 1968.  However, those who saw it still talk about it!  Tiger hurt Foster in the first round.  The second round again went Tiger’s way.  But in round two BOB FOSTER took command and roared back with beautiful combination punching.  AND…in round four, Tiger’s light heavyweight championship reign came to an end as Foster nailed Tiger with a right uppercut followed by a tremendous left hook for the knockout, the first of Tiger’s career.   Unbeatable at 175 lbs, Foster had little trouble defending his title over the next six years.  Devastating in the ring and at first somewhat intimidating in person, BOB FOSTER, undoubtedly one of the greatest light heavyweight champions in history always has time for a fan’s autograph request.



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Born in Puerto Rico in 1936 and raised in New York City, CARLOS ORTIZ turned pro at the age of eighteen and battled his way to the world junior welterweight title in 1959 and the world lightweight title in 1962.  In a nationally televised bout, against champion JOE "OLD BONES" BROWN in Las Vegas, Ortiz avoided a slugfest with the seasoned Brown and peppered him with left jabs and won a lopsided decision.  Always a willing and gracious signer. 

When obtaining autographs in person always try to find something a little different and unusual relating to the fighters career!  It adds to your enjoyment to have a "different" signed piece and serves as a great memento.




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Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling, born 9/28/1905, is the oldest living boxing champion (now deceased).  His place in boxing history is well secure, if not by his destructive short right hook, then by his participation in the most politically charged contest in the history of modern pugilism.  Max is always a willing signer by mail, however, collectors should attempt to seek out the rare, vintage Schmeling autographs in order to complete their collection of the heavyweight champions.   

Always go vintage, and you will never go wrong! 


On offer is a very nice "collector content" signed letter from: MAX SCHMELING


Typed on his personal stationary and dated May 28, 1930... Signed boldly in blue fountain pen ink just 15 days before wresting the heavyweight crown from Jack Sharkey (6-12-30) by way of a 4th round foul disqualification...

Measures 6.75x10.5"... Usual folds from being mailed, otherwise excellent condition.    Included with the typed signed letter is the two postcard size signed photos pictured above.     Fine lot of 3 great vintage Max Schmeling autographed/signed pieces!

No Longer Available





The first black heavyweight champion of the world needs no introduction.  On offer is an extremely rare autographed poster of the legendary Jack Johnson.  The poster itself is cardboard, measures 22 inches by 14 inches and heralds his appearance (autograph signing) at the World's Fair Museum.  Visually stunning, it is red and black against a white background and features a brilliant photo of a fight posed Jack Johnson. 


One can only speculate of the enterprising youngster, having no photo or autograph book, deciding to remove the poster from an outside wall and bring it inside for his hero to sign.   Very likely, the only Jack Johnson autographed poster in existence.   It is boldly signed and dated by Johnson in black fountain pen; "Jack Johnson Dec 19-41".  If you're looking for a unique Johnson signed piece then this is it.





The cardboard poster itself is in good condition with several light creases, edge wear and has two white spots and some staining.  It exhibits vivid red and black colors on a white background.  It has been additionally backed with brown cardboard as found.  It also bears the union seal of Globe Poster Corp. Chicago.  The signature is adjacent to a beautiful head-to-toe photo of Johnson and rates a 10.  An outstanding one-of-a-kind display piece, it is currently in a custom made frame and can be shipped as such.

Jack Johnson Autographed Poster

No Longer Available! 







Italy's Hero!










SANDRO REMOVES ANY DOUBT THAT HE IS THE TRUE Jr. Middleweight Champion of the World






  Mushy Callahan

Mushy Callahan became only the second recognized Junior Welterweight Champion in 1926.

A rare signature in any form, this is an extraordinary, original vintage 8 x 10, boldly inscribed and signed by Mushy Callahan, in fountain pen, to 1920's lightweight contender, New York's Joe Glick.  Mushy writes; "For my pal Joe Glick, One of the greatest fighteres the world has ever known, I'm not kidding! Sincerely Mushy Callahan"  The nicest Mushy signed photos, I've owned.    No Longer Available!






"The Old Mongoose"

The Light Heavyweight Champion of the World


No Longer Available.






The Welterweight Champion of the World


No Longer Available.





The Middleweight Champion of the World


No Longer Available.





The first man to beat the legendary Emile Griffith


Vintage signed photo for sale at $49.





Legendary trainer & WBC Heavyweight Champion

Nice dual-signed photo for sale at $129.






World Middleweight Champion Vito Antuofermo.  Vito defeated Hugo Corro in 1979 for the title.  He lost the crown to Alan Minter in 1980.  He retired in 1981 and now lives in the New York area.   






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