Original 1924 Wrestling Photo Ed “Strangler” Lewis vs. Stanley Stasiak


Original press photograph from 1924. Photo is in very good condition with 2 corners clipped, some light edge wear, 1/2 inch tear on right side with tape on back, some minor waving. Great clear image with original caption still on the back, measures 10 inches x 8 inches. Extremely rare and desirable photo from 1924 showing Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Stanley Stasiak in the ring with the referr prior to their match on May 8, 1924.


The Lewis/Stasiak match took place at Boston Arena on May 8, 1924 and drew 9,000 fans, which was a city record. Stasiak won the first fall in 49 minute using a body scissors and wristlock. In the second fall, Lewis resorted to choke holds and also landed a punch to the jaw. Stasiak retaliated by head-butting and kicking Lewis. The ring exploded in pandemonium as the referee, seconds, managers, police and even ushers rushed into the ring to break them up. Referee Sam Avery of St Joseph disqualified Stasiak. The crowd went nuts and booed the decision, as they were doing at all of Lewis’ matches. A rematch would be needed. …….Thanks to Steve Yohe!

The Lewiston Daily Sun – September 14, 1931…Belleville, Ont., Sept. 13 – (AP) – Stanley Stasiak, Giant Polish wrestler from Cambridge, Mass., died in a hospital here tonight of blood poisoning which developed after he suffered a broken arm during a recent match….Stasiak’s arm injury was suffered in a match against Ed Don George of Buffalo at Toronto Sept. 3.  The wrestler was en route to Montreal when septemia, a form of blood poisoning, developed and he was taken to the hospital here.  An operation, designed to check the spread of the disease, was performed last Monday but Stasiak failed to rally. 

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