RAY STEELE vs. SANDOR SZABO Original 1931 Madison Square Garden Wrestling Program


Nice vintage, original wrestling program from Madison Square Garden – October 12, 1931 – Excellent condition, 4 page, cardstock, very clean, no writing, no folds, top corner clipped, great images and information. Features SANDOR SZABO vs. RAY STEELE in the Main Event. Plus, SAMMY STEIN, RUDY DUSEK, EARL McCREADY, BABE CADDOCK, TOOTS MONDT and other major stars of the day! A very rare and desirable Original MSG wrestling Program!


New York City, NY: Monday, October 12, 1931
(Madison Square Garden) … Ray Steele beat Sandor Szabo (38:44) … Rudy Dusek beat Norton B. Jackson (20:03) … George Calza beat Gene Ledoux (10:23) … Gino Garibaldi drew Earl McCready (30:00) … Tiny Roebuck beat Andy Zaharoff (2:26) (sub for Don Delaun) … Steve Znosky beat Toots Mondt (20:00, dec.) … Sammy Stein beat Babe Caddock (12:46) … (Att.-4,000) … (results-New York Daily News)