Wrestler “Panther” Joe Malcewicz Original 1926 Photograph Defeats Joe Stecher by Default!


Vintage original photograph of Joe Malcewicz – 3/13/1926. Great image of Malcewicz, heralded as the new world’s Heavyweight Champion after Joe Stecher refused to face him as Promoter Paul Bowser’s Unknown! Excellent condition, measures 8 inches x 6 inches, sharp corners, clean, no creases. Retains the original paper caption verso with newspaper stamp. Fine sharp image of Joe Malcewicz.

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Malcewicz began his training with Farmer Burns and Herbert Hartley, before entering the professional wrestling ranks in 1913. Malcewicz earliest recorded match was against Charles Uberle on February 2, 1914, which ended in a draw. On 1917, during the World War 1, Malcewicz was drafted to the military when he served at Camp Jackson, reaching to the level of sergeant upon his return to wrestling. On 1926, Malcewicz was a last-minute challenger for Joe Stecher’s World Heavyweight Championship.  When Stecher left the match as a sign of protest, Malcewicz was named as the title holder, however, was never awarded the championship itself.

As a promoter, Malcewicz managed to promote wrestling at San Francisco, while running NWA San Francisco.  On November 1935, Malcewicz replaced Jack Ganson as the leaseholder of Dreamland, after buying Ganson’s interest for $15,000 after Paul Bowser and Toots Mondt  convinced him to step aside. Malcewicz held is first show on November 26, 1935. On November 26, 1949, Malcewicz joined the newly-formed NWA. During his time with NWA, Malcewicz created the NWA World Tag Team Championship (SF) and the second regional NWA World Tag Team Championship.

On April 20, 1962, Malcewicz died after he suffered a fatal heart attack.