Original Wrestling Promo – March 17, 1936 Embassy Ring, Catford, London, England – also features brother Paddy Casey

Original photo autographed by Steve Casey in 1948.

Original photo autographed by Jim Casey.

Original Full Ticket – STEVE CASEY vs. MARVIN WESTENBERG – Municipal Stadium – Syracuse, NY – July 26, 1937

A rare original Steve “CRUSHER” Casey 4 page publicity sheet.

Boston Wrestling Program

Fenway Park – June 29,1937

Main Event: Ed Don George vs. Steve Crusher Casey, also Rube Wright vs. Danno O’Mahoney, George Dazzler Clark vs. Billy Bartush, Wee Willie Davis vs. Tor Johnson, Marvin Westenberg vs. Jack Marshall, Tom Hanley vs. Jim Wright, Harry Lewis vs. Hans Bauer, & Roy Dunn vs. Ricordo Cortez. Nice 4 pager from historic Fenway. Ya gotta love the Camels ad!!

Original Chicago Stadium Advertising Poster

Champion Steve ”Crusher” Casey vs. Ed Don George
Former Champion Danno O’Mahoney vs. Everett Marshall

Friday, April 8, 1938

What a card!

Steve “Crusher” Casey in action against Charlie Straak at the 71sr Armory in NYC on 12/28/1936. Casey weight in at 230 lbs / Straak at 237. Steve won in 17:32 minutes in front of 4,000 fans! Steve has won his 3rd straight at the 71st after arriving in the USA several weeks ago.

The Casey Brothers; Jim, Steve and Tom signing contracts in Boston!

Jim “Thunderbolt” Casey with the Pacific Coast Heavyweight Championship Belt!

February 3, 1937 – The tough Irishman, Steve “Crusher” Casey is shown applying his special crush to his worthy opponent George “KO” Koverly in New York. Below: The gentler sex goes in for the ungentle art of grunts & groans. In Chattanooga, Tenn., Mildred Burke (on top) of Kansas City won the women’s wrestling crown from Clara Mortensen of Glendale CA.