Who can forget his famous appearances in
“Mighty Joe Young”, “Modern Times” (with Charlie Chaplin) & John Ford’s “The Lost Patrol”

Original Maurice of Hollywood studio photo signed & inscribed & dated by Sammy Stein – 11/10/1937.

Ed “Strangler” Lewis vs. Sammy Stein Poster

Main Event: Ed “Strangler” Lewis vs. Sammy Stein – + Dick Shikat, John Evko, Jack Sherry, George Zarynoff, Wong Bock Cheung, Szabo, Kirchmeyer, Macaluso + others.

Original 4 page oversized program/poster from the 71st St. Regiment Armory – 1932. Open it measures 17″ x 12″. Poster like center with surrounding 3″ x 2″ portrait photos of 10 of the combatants. Extremely rare. VG-EX with folds.

A beautiful display piece when framed as a poster.

Sammy Stein vs. Tiny Roebuck

Original poster/flyer – circa 1930 – paper, excellent condition, w/ original mailing folds – measures 12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″. Sammy Stein vs. Tiny Roebuck & Frank Speers vs. Paul Boesch + other bouts & photos on the back. With ticket pass & original mailing envelope.

Yonkers, NY: February 3, 1932
(State Armory) … Sammy Stein beat Jack Washburn … Ralph Wilson drew with Herb
Freeman … Kola Kwariani beat Don Delaun (as Delonge) … Sandor Szabo beat John
Maxos … Matros Kirilenko beat Nazzarino Poggi … (results from the wire service)

Sydney Savage Club is, or was, a social club in Sydney, Australia, associated with the London Savage Club, named after the poet, Richard Savage, and was formed to bring together literary men connected with literature, the arts, sport or science.  The first iteration of the Sydney club was founded in the 1880s as a meeting-place for artists and writers. Its meetings were called “corroborees”. The club disbanded sometime in the 19th-century.

This cool piece dates from Sammy Steins Australian 1938 tour and yes that is his authentic signature on the “name bone”!  Apparently, it was mailed back to him in the USA.

Original art of Sammy Stein by artist Eric Couch – Australia 1938 – cool piece, measures 9 inches x 11 1/2 inches – looks to be pen & ink on art stock.

March 6, 1933 – New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden (att. 9000)
Jack Riley beat Tony Felice 4:48
Sam Cordovano over Herb Freeman 9:42
Jim Washburn beat Irving Halperin 5:26
Sid Westrich drew Fred Meyers 20:00
Ed Lewis drew Dick Shikat 1:00:00 (curfew)
NYSAC World Heavyweight Title Match:
Jim Browning beat Sammy Stein 46:48

12/19/1932 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden [III] (5,000)
Handicap: Ed “Strangler” Lewis def Leo Pinetzki (28:13) and Sammy Stein (32:41)
Jim Browning def George Manich
Joe Malcewicz (20min limit draw) Nick Lutze
Glenn Munn (20min limit draw) Mike Mazurki
Marin Plestina def Ivan Vakturoff
George Hagen def Martin Zikoff

1936 Modern Times – Charlie Chaplin & Sammy Stein as the turbine operator!

Oakland, CA – 12/11/1933  – Sammy Stein vs. Dr Freddie Meyers