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Throughout the years, many great ringsport classics have been written. Many great writers have found their way into the primeval world of fisticuffs and left behind a lasting imprint. There is no better way to relive the golden years of boxing and wrestling than by reading a vintage classic or a soon-to-be classic. Brush up on your knowledge of ringsports.

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An Inside Look at How WRESTLEMANIA Comes to Life
by Jon Robinson

For over three decades, Wrestlemania has united the worlds of WWE and pop culture for a one-night sports entertainment extravaganza, bringing the action and thrills of a WWE year to the ultimate crescendo. And then, before the last flakes of closing confetti fall to the ground, it all begins again. Creating The Mania: An Inside Look at How WRESTLEMANIA Comes to Life tracks the 365-day buildup to WWE’s grandest spectacle. With over 30 interviews with from top Superstars and executives, fans will feel the non-stop mania behind the “Mania”, as the drama and storylines on both sides of the camera evolve over the entire. How are Wrestlemania matches determined behind the scenes? What is it like for WWE Superstars vying for a spot on the show? When do Superstars learn who their opponents are? How does WWE select a host city? These answers and much more are revealed as the WWE Universe assumes “Gorilla Position” just behind the WWE curtain on the yearlong road to Wrestlemania.

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by Paul Beston

For much of the twentieth century, boxing was one of America’s most popular sports. The heavyweight champions were figures known to all. Their exploits were reported regularly in the newspapers – often outside of the sports pages – and their fame and wealth dwarfed those of other athletes. Long after their championship reign, these “kings” continue to be synonymous with the sweet science. In The Boxing Kings: When American Heavyweights Rules The Ring, Paul Beston profiles these larger-than-life men who held a central place in American culture. Among the men covered are John L. Sullivan, who made the heavyweight championship a commercial property; Jack Johnson, who became the first black man to claim the title; Jack Dempsey, a sporting symbol of the Roaring Twenties; Joe Louis, whose contribution to racial tolerance and social progress transcended even his greatness in the ring; Rocky Marciano, who became an embodiment of the American Dream; Muhammad Ali, who took on the U. S. government and revolutionized professional sports and Mike Tyson, a hard-punching dynamo who became a modern-day celebrity. Their stories open a window into the larger history of the United States and its sociological evolution. Boxing fans, sports enthusiasts and historians and those interested in U.S. race relations as it intersects with sports will find this book a fascinating exploration into how boxing once was, and may well still be, ingrained into the social and cultural fabric of America.

To purchase your copy of THE BOXING KINGS; WHEN AMERICAN HEAVYWEIGHTS RULED THE RING by Paul Beston visit the publisher; ROMAN & LITTLEFIELD It is also available at AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


by Pat LaPrade and Dan Murphy

Once a staple of carnival sideshows, women’s wrestling has come into its own in recent years. Under the guidance of Stephanie McMahon, WWE has made a commitment to the women’s division, shifting attention from the “divas” of years past to competitive matches featuring talented women wrestlers. This book includes over 100 wrestler profiles, from trailblazers like Mildred Burke and The Fabulous Moolah to today’s stars like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley. Featuring rare photographs and exclusive interviews, SISTERHOOD OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE presents the fascinating history of women’s wrestling more extensively than ever before! Pat LaPrade, from Montreal Canada, has been involved in professional wrestling for over 15 years and has contributed to many women’s wrestling promotions, including SHIMMER and FEMMES FATALES. He co-wrote The WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER’S 2013 book of the year MAD DOGS, MIDGETS and SCREW JOBS as well as a biography of the legendary Maurice “Mad Dog” VACHON. Dan Murphy has been a writer for PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED since 1997 and has overseen PWI’s annual female 50 ranking since its inception in 2008. He has also written four books on the history of his native western New York. SISTERHOOD OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE a must read and belongs in the library of every knowledgeable wrestling fan and historian.

To purchase your copy of SISTERHOOD of the SQUARED CIRCLE THE HISTORY and RISE OF WOMEN’S WRESTLING go to the publisher; ECWPRESS. It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith

The drama of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X played out on the stage of public opinion incorporating the world of sports and the revolt of the black athlete in the 1960’s. Under the tutelage of Malcolm X, Cassius Clay evolved into Muhammad Ali, a boxer who fused the world of sports and politics. Ali who boldly claimed he was “The Greatest” fought his way to the World’s Heavyweight Championship in 1964. Malcolm X, a controversial Muslim minister, counseled his followers to take their freedom “by any means necessary” until his assassination in 1965. But, what most of us don’t know is that these two men—“The Greatest” and “The Angriest Black Man in America”—shared a deep and influential friendship. How did they become friends? Did they part ways? What were the consequences of their falling out? Acclaimed historians Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith delve into the intricacies of this influential relationship in BLOOD BROTHERS. It is a tale of friendship and brotherhood, love and deep affection. It is also a story of deceit, betrayal, and violence—inside and outside the ring—during a troubled time. The authors take us on a tour of the boxing arenas and mosques to postwar New York and civil rights era Miami. This is the story of how Muhammad Ali redefined what it means to be a black athlete in America—after finding enlightenment from Malcolm X. A profound friendship that could not endure, this book gives us a window into the public and private lives of two of our greatest national icons, and the tumultuous period in American history that they helped shaped.

To purchase your copy of BLOOD BROTHERS; THE FATAL FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN MUHAMMAD ALI and MALCOLM X go to the publisher; BASIC BOOKS. It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


by Rich Blake

A shooting star, a rags to riches-back to rags story is THE LEGEND & LIFE OF JIMMY SLATTERY. SLATS won and lost the Light Heavyweight Championship twice in a period of 10 years and hung up the gloves at the early age of 29, with a record of 111 wins against only 14 losses with 48 opponents being KO’d. He was the toast of Buffalo, New York which also led him into a life of partying, women chasing, and drinking. Everybody wanted to have a drink with “The Champ” and Slat’s rarely said no. Rich Blake is able to resurrect the problematic but genial Jimmy Slattery in these pages. So, read about the fame and fortune as well as the burdens and inducements that led Jimmy Slattery into the darker side of the life. Rich does a fine job of detailing some of Slattery’s most important boxing matches. An entertaining read that belongs in every boxing fans library, one which you will enjoy reading and find difficult to put down.

To purchase your copy of SLATS; The Legend & Life of Jimmy Slattery go to the publisher; NFB. It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


by William Dettloff

Greatness is often overlooked in its own time. For Ezzard Charles—one of boxing’s most skilled practitioners, with a record of 93-25-1 (52 KO’s)—recognition took decades. Named by The Ring Magazine as the greatest light heavyweight of all time, Charles was frustrated in his attempts to get a shot at the 175—pound title, and as World Heavyweight Champion (1949-1951) struggled to win the respect of boxing fans captivated by the power and charisma of the fan favorite; Joe Louis. This first-ever biography of “The Cincinnati Cobra” covers his early life in a small country town and his career in the glamorously dirty business of prizefighting in the 1950’s, one of the sport’s Golden Ages. Charles’ fights with Louis, Jersey Joe Walcott, Rocky Marciano, and his three wins over the legendary Archie Moore are detailed. Extremely informative and well written by William Dettloff (who spent 15 years at The Ring as a senior writer) this book belongs in the collection of every fight fan and budding historian.

To purchase your copy of EZZARD CHARLES; A BOXING LIFE go to the publisher; McFarland. It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


by Dave Hannigan

In DRAMA in the BAHAMAS, Dave Hannigan tells the occasionally poignant, often troubling, yet always entertaining story behind Ali’s last bout. Through interviews with many of those involved, he discovers exactly how and why, a few weeks short of his fortieth birthday, a seriously diminished Ali stepped through the ropes one more time, only to get beaten up by Trevor Berbick. “Two billion people will be conscious of my fight,” said Ali, trotting out the old braggadocio about an event so lacking in luster that a cow bell was pressed in service to signal the start and end of each round. How had it come to this? Why was Ali still boxing? Hannigan answers those questions and many more, offering a unique and telling glimpse into the most fascinating sportsman of the twentieth century in the last. strange days of his fistic life. Whether you’re a boxing memorabilia collector or a budding historian, this book is a must for your pugilistic library.

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Jewish Champions In The Golden Age Of Boxing – A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY
by Mike Silver

For more than sixty years- from the 1890’s to the 1950’s-boxing was an integral part of American popular culture and a major spectator sport rivaling baseball in popularity. More Jewish athletes have competed as boxers than all other professional sports combined; in the period from 1901 to 1939, 29 Jewish boxers were recognized as world champions and more than 160 Jewish boxers ranked among the top contenders in their respective weight divisions. Stars In The Ring, by renowned boxing historian Mike Silver, presents this vibrant social history in the first illustrated encyclopedic compendium of its kind.

To purchase your copy of STARS IN THE RING go to the publisher; LYONS PRESS. It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.



William Lawrence Stribling Jr. known as Young Stribling, was born in a small Georgia town in 1894. The son of a store clerk and a farmer’s daughter, his direction in life seemed set. He should have lived out his years in that rural setting, but found himself performing vaudeville before his 4th birthday and was a professional prizefighter by the age of 16. His rise through the boxing ranks and classifications was meteoric and he soon earned himself a place among the top fighters in the world. He married his high school sweetheart and had three children. He traveled the world, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, sports legends even royalty. Jack Dempsey counted him as a close friend and Al Capone wanted to buy out his contract and manage his career. “Strib” was also a championship basketball player, an accomplished golfer, an exceptional tennis player, and a pilot and speedboat racer. He even attracted the attention of Hollywood and was approached to star in a movie about himself. But, he was always happiest at home in Macon, Georgia with his family and friends. His boxing career spanned 12 years. During that time, he fought 287 matches, winning 224 and losing only 12. The rest were draws or no decision fights. Jaclyn Weldon White does a remarkable job in presenting a picture of a man who was true to himself and the values with which he was raised. The most important things in his world were sportsmanship, honor and doing his best. He never did less.

To purchase your copy of THE GREATEST CHAMPION go to the publisher; Mercer University Press or e-mail: It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan, Americas’s First Sports Hero

Approaching nineteenth-century sports and boxing with a twenty-first century perspective, Strong Boy brings to life John L. Sullivan, a man who was the gold standard of boxing for more than a decade and the first athlete to earn more than a million dollars. He had a big ego, big mouth, and bigger appetites. His womanizing, drunken escapades, and constant presence on the police blotter were a godsend to the burgeoning newspaper industry. The larger-than-life boxer embodied the American Dream for late nineteenth-century immigrants as he rose from Boston’s Irish working class to become the most recognizable man in the nation. The “Boston Strong Boy” was our nation’s first sports hero, and his name was not Babe Ruth. Christopher Klein has done a wonderful job in this detailed study encompassing the early relationship between boxing as a sport and its reflection in the prevailing media of the time. Klein brings Sullivan to life and he doesn’t pull any punches in doing so. A must-read for all fans and historians akin to the squared circle.

To purchase your copy of STRONG BOY go to the publisher; Strong Boy It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


My Seven Decades in Boxing

Lou Duva’s been a boxing trainer for more than 50 years and involved in the sport for the past 70 years. He’s the trainer of 19 world champions, he’s promoted fights in over 20 countries around the world and he’s a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. One of the most enduring images of the sport, he’s climbed in and out of rings for championship fights on six different continents. While a family man at heart, in “A Fighting Life”, you’ll hear firsthand the exhilarating story of how he balanced his home life with his work and his 19 world champions. Lou Duva recounts his early upbringing in Patterson, New Jersey, his years in the Army, his time working in the trucking business and later as President of his Teamsters Local 286, all the time with his hand in boxing. Lou describes himself as a working man, pure and simple. His exuberance comes through in describing tales of his first champion, his years at Ice World and Main Events, the Olympics, “The Real Deal” Evander Holyfield, and “The Foul Pole” Andrew Galotta. Every fight fan will enjoy this nostalgic trip through Duva Boxing!

To purchase your copy of A FIGHTING LIFE My Seven Decades in Boxing by Lou Duva, go to the publisher; Skyhorse Publishing It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


The Forgotten Fight That Inspired Mixed Martial Arts and Launched Sports Entertainment
Josh Gross

On June 26, 1976, Muhammad Ali, the most famous athlete in history of the world, ventured to Japan to fight professional wrestling champion Antonio Inoki for the “martial arts championship of the world”. Broadcast to an audience of 1.4 billion in 34 countries around the world, this boxer vs. grappler spectacle, foreshadowed and in many ways led to the rise of mixed martial arts as a major sport. The contest itself was controversial, but the real action was behind the scenes. Josh Gross does a fine job in taking the reader on a journey through the egos and the competing interests among the various players in the underbelly of organized wrestling and boxing. He gives us a general sense of the bona fide apprehension, felt by many, over what would really happen in the ring. Well researched, Gross resurrects Ali’s pre-fight interviews, largely influenced by his early interest in the hype and ballyhoo of professional wrestling. He introduces us to Inoki, while little known in the United States, he was a huge influence in the wrestling business in Japan. If you were a fan of boxing and wrestling in the 1970’s, this will be a very pleasant and enlightening trip down memory lane. If you are a fan or historian of ring sports today, this is a must and enjoyable read.

To purchase your copy of ALI vs. INOKI go to the publisher; BenBella Books Inc. . It is also available via AMAZON and fine booksellers everywhere.


Swedish Heavyweight Boxing Champion
By: Ken Brooks

One of the most enjoyable reads in a long time! Couldn’t put this one down and finished it before the flash 30 inches of snow melted here in New York. The first-ever biography of this short term Heavyweight Champion of the World (6 days short of a year 1959/1960). Intensely researched, beautifully written with rare photographs, this one is a must have for boxing fans and historians alike. The man affectionately known as “Ingo”, lived as full a life as any man could hope for and he enjoyed every minute of it. Prizefighting for him was a way to make money and he held no great love for it, but his “Hammer of Thor” right hand took him all the way to the heavyweight crown.  He was his own man and made his own decisions and no one, not even the mob controlled fight game could tell him what to do.   

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Lombardi Dies Orr Flies Marshall Cries

By: Brad Schultz

Most avid readers of boxing books are usually found to have an interest in all things related to sports history.  Author Brad Schultz has provided us with a well researched look back at one of the most eventful and memorable years in sports.  Chronologically recounted in month order, the book conveys a detailed account, as well as a reflection on the significance of the events that took place in this unforgettable year.  Among the boxing and wrestling events Dr. Schultz describes are the Muhammad Ali vs. Rocky Marciano magical film/computer fight, the Joe Frazier vs. Jimmy Ellis heavyweight championship unification bout, the mysterious death of former world heavyweight champion Sonny Liston and the shocking upset of unbeaten Dan Gable of Iowa State in the finals of the NCAA Wrestling Championships.  This book is a must have for sports historians and fans alike and anyone wanting to learn more about the impact of sports on culture and society.

To purchase your copy of THE SPORTS LEGACY OF 1970 go to the publisher; Rowman & Littlefield Books or  AMAZON or go to fine booksellers everywhere.


By: George Thomas Clark

As the author states, “Death in the Ring” is not an indictment of Professional Boxing.  It is a bold acknowledgement and tribute to those brave combatants who face off and do battle for the sporting entertainment of the boxing fan.  The author regales us with tales of fighters from beyond the grave, speculatively voicing their points of view, using questions we would love to be able to ask them. An entertaining collection of both “facts and fictions” utilizing historical as well as present day settings.  A pleasant and delightful read where deceased all-time greats such as John L. Sullivan, Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Harry Greb, Tiger Flowers and Jerry Quarry speak to us again and reflect on their lives, sharing feelings and thoughts, both inside and outside the ring.  Living greats such as Roberto Duran, George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Bobby Chacon, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Pacquiao and Marquez are also given equal time in this factional volume. A must for your boxing library!

To purchase your copy of DEATH in the RING go to the website of George Thomas Clark at GEORGE THOMAS CLARK.


The SAGINAW KID and the FISTIC WORLD of the 1890’s
Lauren D. Chouinard

This is the story of world lightweight champion George Henry Lavigne, who reigned from 1896 to 1899. Raised in the bawdy lumber towns of Michigan, the “Kid” cut his fisstic teeth fighting bare-knuckle matches against the best men in the camps. As Lavigne was making his debut into the pro ranks, the Queensberry rules, featuring gloves and timed rounds were transforming boxing. Lauren Chouinard has meticulously researched the rollicking ride from the Kid’s birth in 1869 to his defeat of “Iron Man” Dick Burge of England for the world lightweight title in 1896. The story pulls no punches, following Lavigne’s booze-fueled decline, a dozen arrests, a foray to Paris to conduct a boxing school, trips to the insane asylum and ultimately his death at age 58 in 1928 in Detroit. Chouinard has left no stone unturned in featuring dozens of rare photos and first hand quotes from original correspondence. The book deftly mixes geneology, history, culture and sport, showcasing boxing’s early beginnings and providing an entertaining account of the life of “Kid” Lavigne, one of the era’s most popular and accomplished pugilists. Lauren Chouinard’s passion for the subject clearly shines through.

To purchase your copy of MUSCLES AND MAYHEM, The SAGINAW KID and the FISTIC WORLD of the 1890’s, go to or for an autographed copy email the author at or call (541) 520-9653. 


The Triangular Life of Dick “The Destroyer” “Doctor X” Beyer
Vincent Evans with Dick Beyer

Wrestling fans everywhere have been waiting years for this book and it does not disappoint. If you’ve ever met Dick Beyer you know what a great story teller he is and what a sense of humor he has. With the help of his friend Vince Evans, the Dick Beyer story, both professional and personal, is a must read for wrestling fans and fans of life. Amazingly comprehensive, Evans leaves no stone unturned in presenting life’s challenges in a bygone era, as faced by Dick Beyer. The first two chapters alone are well worth the cover price, as Evans tells the story of how Dick Beyer ended up under the mask. An inspiring story, from college athlete to professional wrestling icon, to husband and father to teacher and mentor. Its all here. Simply, one of the best and enjoyable biographical books on professional wrestling I’ve ever read.

To purchase your copy of BILLY MISKE, The St. Paul Thunderbolt, go to or or email the author at  or directly through    



Clay Moyle

Clay Moyle, author of the acclaimed Sam Langford: Boxing’s Greatest Uncrowned Champion, has again returned to his typewriter to give us the inspirational story of, 2010 Hall of Fame inductee, Billy Miske. Beautifully narrated, this biography gives us the detailed life story and boxing career of one of the most courageous men ever to step into the boxing ring. Billy Miske was six years into a very promising career as the leading contender for the heavyweight championship of the world. He had it all, money, fame and a loving wife and family. At the age of 25, he was diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease and was advised to retire from the ring. He did quit, but as financial troubles accrued he was forced to earn money the best way he knew how and returned to a boxing career. Clay Moyle brings the Billy Miske story to life with detailed historical accounts, much of it painstakingly researched from newspaper accounts of the day. The book also features over 60 unique photographs from a remarkable period in boxing history. Every boxing collector needs to read this outstanding story of human courage and sacrifice.

To purchase your copy of BILLY MISKE, The St. Paul Thunderbolt, go to or or email the author at  or directly through



By: Adam J. Pollack

This is the sixth book on the heavyweight champions in the well known series from boxing writer Adam Pollack. Once again, Pollack does not disappoint in bringing the reader top shelf material with meticulous detail in recounting the historic career of Tommy Burns. Written utilizing first hand newspaper accounts of the day from those who witnessed Burns in the ring, the book provides authentic and accurate essentials for boxing historians and other interested parties. In addition to the blow by blow fight descriptions, Mr. Pollack also delves into fight analysis, Burns’ opponents and the top ranked contenders of the day. The reader comes away with a great admiration and new found respect for the man Jack Johnson once condescendingly referred to as “Lil Tommy”. Enhanced with many rare images and statistics this book is a must for the bookcase of every boxing memorabilia collector and anyone interested in boxing history.

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George Schire

Professional wrestling historian George Schire as landed the perfect “chair shot” with this beautiful volume on Minnesota Wrestling. If you remember wrestling, now described as “old school”, then this is the book for you. George gives us detailed information and behind the scenes accounts of the headlining matches from 1954 through 1990. He shares stories of Twin City wrestling personalities both in and outside of the ring. Filled with great photos and stats, this book will take you back into the days of Verne Gagne and his talented grapplers. This one is a must for your wrestling library!

To purchase your copy of MINNESOTA’S GOLDEN AGE OF WRESTLING, please visit or call 1-800-6212736.


Bert Sugar and Teddy Atlas

The next time you meet Burt Sugar (or Teddy) at the saloon, make sure you have this one well read. Its a must have for your boxing library and will provide you with many hours of speculation and intense thought on a cold wintry afternoon beside the fire. I believe everything is pretty much covered, from boxing movies to boxing songs, from best pre-fight lines to most famous disqualifications, from best left hooks to flattest nose, from most intimidating to most heart, its all here for the discerning fight fan. Lots of great fighter facts and trivia here and plenty of contributions from those who fought inside the ropes and outside of them as well. Its only 15 bucks so pick it up and treat yourself to some pugilistic entertainment, because lets face it, what the promoters are giving us these days inside of the ring is pretty dismal so we need something to carry us over for a while!

To purchase your copy of THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF BOXING LISTS, please visit or call (215) 567-5371.

WRESTLING THE HULK; My Life Against The Ropes

Linda Hogan

Judging by the overly airbrushed cover photo and the title, I guess the idea here is to make as much money as quickly as possible before “Hoganmania” dies down. You’ve seen the VH1 TV show, now you can read the book. In all fairness to the author, life with the “Hulkster” was no place for a jobber and Linda Hogan will definitely leave you with a different image of the “I Am A Real American” persona of Terry Bollea a.k.a. Hulk Hogan. Linda pulls no punches here and its a must read for all you “Hulkamaniacs” out there. This one is difficult to put down and with Linda’s new revelations, you will definitely wind up wishing this courageous lady well in her new life. Also contains some great never before seen color photographs!

To purchase your copy of WRESTLING THE HULK; My Life Against The Ropes, please visit or call (212) 207-7466.

THE FIRST BLACK BOXING CHAMPIONS; Essays on Fighters of the 1800’s to the 1920’s

Edited by Colleen Aycock and Mark Scott

Extremely well written and chronicled, “Essays” presents a collection of fifteen detailed biographical chapters of African American and black champions and challengers of the early prize ring. Painstakingly researched, by writers who show a heartfelt passion for their subjects, they range from Tom Molineaux, a slave who won freedom in the ring in the early 1800’s; to Joe Gans, the first African American world champion; to the flamboyant Jack Johnson who was deemed a threat to white society by the powers that be. Equally addressed are such pioneers as the original George Godfrey: the first colored heavyweight champ, Peter Jackson: heavyweight champ of Australia, George Dixon: world bantamweight and featherweight champ, Bobby Dobbs: the father of German boxing, Barbados Joe Walcott: the world welterweight champ, Jack Blackburn: trainer of heavyweight champs, Sam Langford: heavyweight champ of Australia, Canada, England & Mexico, colored heavyweight champs Joe Jennette and Sam McVey, Speedball Hayden: U.S. Army middleweight champ, plus Dave Holly, Battling Siki, and the Dixie Kid. The appendix features several superbly written round by round accounts of historic fights. For boxing collectors and budding boxing historians, this volume is a must have in your library.

To purchase your copy of THE FIRST BLACK BOXING CHAMPIONS; Essays on Fighters of the 1800’s to the 1920’s, please visit or call 1-800 253-2187.

HARD LUCK; The Triumph and Tragedy of “Irish” Jerry Quarry

Steve Springer and Blake Chavez

If you remember the heavyweights of the mid/late 60’s & early 70’s, you will also remember that “Irish” Jerry Quarry was the most popular heavyweight among fight fans from west to east. A hero to the working class of America in a time of change, Quarry always showed the heart of a lion, be it in victory or defeat. In every boxing circle for the past 30 years, the discussion of “if Jerry Quarry were around today” has always been a heavyweight topic. Now, you have more fuel for the debate, from Springer and Chavez. Well worth the wait for any fight fan, this well researched book, with some great photographs, is a must for your boxing library. Rest In Peace Jerry. Boxing misses ya.

To purchase your copy of HARD LUCK; The Triumph and Tragedy of “Irish” Jerry Quarry, please visit or call 1-800 962-0973


Randy Roberts

Acclaimed historian and biographer Randy Roberts, has given us Joe Louis in a way never before accomplished. Through meticulous research and first hand interviews, Roberts reveals an athlete whose image was carefully managed, and whose relationships with both the black and white communities – including his ties to mobsters – were far more complex than the simplistic accounts of heroism and victimization that have dominated previous biographies. Richly researched and utterly captivating, this extraordinary biography presents the full range of the power of Joe Louis, both inside and outside of the squared circle.

To purchase your copy of JOE LOUIS by Randy Roberts, please visit or call 1-800 405-1619

JERSEY BOY: The Life and Mob Slaying of FRANKIE DePAULA

Adeyinka Makinde

If you’re a fan of the 1960’s New York/New Jersey boxing scene, then this is a must read. Finally, the true story of the mafia’s execution of Jersey City legend Frankie DePaula is told. Here, for the first time, Adeyinka Makinde, author of the biography of Dick Tiger, tells the remarkable story of a man possessed of a force of nature, the pied piper of Jersey City who sold out arenas and inspired devotion from fans who bet there houses on him. Frank Sinatra sat ringside for several of his bouts, Frankie Valle and Joe Namath were his friends. His involvement with the shady underworld of Jersey City, controversial fight outcomes, and the $80,000 copper heist and more are explored here. Once you pick this up, you will not put it down.

To purchase your copy of JERSEY BOY, please visit or call 1-800 AUTHORS or email

IRISH THUNDER: The Hard Life and Times of MICKY WARD

Bob Halloran

Bob Halloran does a remarkable job in taking the reader into the tough world of Micky Ward. He describes the gritty, gripping detail and intensity of the key bouts of Lowell’s hero and champion. Micky Ward was always the underdog in the boxing ring, but the master of staging the stunning late comeback. Read about Ward’s rise to hero status, his rivalry with his imprisoned brother, the negotiations, betrayals, and drugs that shaped the wild youth who ultimately became a nationally respected boxer. You’ve seen the film, you remember his career, now go out and read the book!

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In Pakistan, he was stoned by the crowd at a packed Lahore Cricket Ground and had to flee for his life. In Turkey, the crowd burnt down the stadium where he’d been performing. Whenever Orig Williams, or El Bandito took his wrestling shows abroad, there were always complications and tribulations. He fought with and promoted the best – Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy amongst them. Many wrestlers began their careers after he’d trained them at his Rhyl garage. He was the first to promote women wrestlers on British TV. A celebrity in Wales and a popular columnist with the Daily Post, this is his story as only he could tell it. A great read for fans of behind the scenes wrestling stories.

To purchase your copy of EL BANDITO: ORIG WILLIAMS please go


Mark S. Hewitt

Take another trip back to the raucous early days of pro wrestling as Mark Hewitt brings you even more blow-by-blow accounts of dozens of the most famous and infamous mat battles of the day, as well as the backstage stories of the colorful characters who crisscrossed the country from the 1880’s to the 1960’s in search of fame glory and cold hard cash. Read the true stories of Tigerman Pesek, Midget Fischer, Earl Caddock, Billy Wicks, Lou Thesz and all the other grapplers who paid for their place in sports history with blood, sweat and pain. Filled with extremely rare photos, this is a must for fans of the squared circle.

To purchase your copy of CATCH WRESTLING – ROUND TWO  visit  or use their 24-hour toll-free number: 1 800 392 2400.  Other inquiries use Customer Service 1 303 443 7250.


Sex, Muscles, Diamonds, and the Making of an American Legend
Jeff Leen

A vivid look back at a bygone era in professional wrestling, American society and the challenges faced by a woman small in stature but colossal in heart. An inspiring, well researched biography of Mildred Burke who overcame unimaginable odds to rise to the pinnacle of her chosen profession. A must for all professional wrestling historians and those interested in a rich slice of Americana which is gone forever.

To purchase your copy of THE QUEEN OF THE RING please contact 


Boxing’s Greatest Uncrowned Champion
Clay Moyle

The ultimate biography of one of the greatest boxers of all time. With popular recognition long overdue, boxing historian Clay Moyle has captured the essential being of Sam Langford and provided him with a formal documented legacy for future generations. Meticulously detailed and marvelously researched, the author has provided us with a passionate insight into the life and times of “The Boston Tar Baby”. Moyle has also included many rare photographs and images of Langford and his opponents. These numerous photos are indeed a joy to behold. A pleasure to read, every boxing fan needs to have this volume in his library.

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Theodore R. (Ted) Sares

Its cold outside and the perfect season to envelope your thoughts in a good boxing book. Ted “The Bull” Sares is back with a collection of captivating stories about our heroes in the squared circle. There’s something here for every fight fan. From “Tough Guys Who Fight Tough Guys” and “The Inspirations” to “The Closet Classics” and “The Road Warriors”. Ted once again delivers the goods with a swift paced descriptive writing style. Fight fans from the United Kingdom will recognize many of their local heroes including my favorite Luton scrapper Billy Schwer. He deliciously blends ring tested names from boxing’s historic past together with the courageous gladiators of today. A lifelong fight fan, Ted Sares is well qualified to convey his love of boxing and its combatants as well as a contrasted disgust for particular questionable activities within the sport. Pick up a copy today and stimulate your boxing mind and at the same time enjoy a good read.

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Adam J. Pollack

Without a doubt, the most comprehensive, in-depth study of Bob Fitzsimmons written to date. In keeping with the tradition of his other titles, Adam J. Pollack has once again left no stone unturned in uncovering the facts about the boxing career of the middleweight who became the heavyweight champion of the world. Pollack has methodically researched hundreds of first person newspaper accounts, to deliver a fact filled odyssey of adventure, detailing Fitzsimmons’ fighting career. Uncover rare information about Fitzsimmons’ Australian fights and the truth about the Tom Sharkey fight. Whether you’re a boxing memorabilia collector or a budding historian, this book is a must for your pugilistic library.

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Adam J. Pollack

Essentially, the last of the bare-knuckle heavyweight champions, John L. Sullivan was instrumental in the acceptance of gloved fighting. His charisma and social popularity during this transitional period contributed greatly to making boxing a nationally popular legitimate sport. From his first match in the late 1870’s through his final championship fight in 1892, this biography contains a thoroughly researched detailed accounting of John L. Sullivan’s boxing career. Adam J. Pollack does a wonderful job in holding the readers attention from start to finish. Pollack has surely done his homework in leaving no stone unturned in the notorious boxing career of The Great John L. This book is a must for all boxing collectors who want to know about the beginning of their sport.

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Larry Whittler

The true story of a professional wrestling family as told through the eyes of Whitey Whittler’s son who witnessed the events from a unique perspective as his family traveled. The stories include relationships with other wrestlers inside the ring and out. A historical telling of the life of a professional wrestler and his family as they traveled through the USA and Canada. Larry (The brother of WWWF 1960’s wrestler Don Whittler a.k.a. Smasher Sloan) also recounts the adventures they shared with friends and acquaintances as they moved across America. If you’re a fan of old school pro wrestling then this book is a must read as it’s just packed with stories and photographs of professional wrestlers and celebrities associated with the sport of days past.

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Sean Curtain and J. J. Johnston

Chicago Amateur Boxing celebrates eight decades of such remarkable amateur boxing organizations as the Chicago Golden Gloves and the Catholic Youth Organization. Its often been said that amateur boxing events retain the passion and excitement which was generated at the small local arenas during boxings golden days. The book presents the memorable coaches, contenders, champions and venues from years past. 200 vintage photographs document the intriguing history of Chicago’s amateur boxing heroes. Hats off to Sean J. J. and Arcadia for once again providing us with a great local boxing title.

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Kevin Grace and Buddy LaRosa

Cincinnati Boxing chronicles the glorious heritage of boxing in Cincinnati from 1860 to the present with a stunning display of over 200 vintage photographs. The book recounts the historic venues, the hype of the events and the colorful personalities of Cincinnati’s celebrated boxing history. Also included is an indepth photo section depicting “The Cincinnati Cobra”, Ezzard Charles. For this aspect alone the book has a required reservation in your boxing book collection.

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Arthur Mercante

The dean of boxing referees, Arthur Mercante, gives us an inside look at the squared circle. Read his personal accounts of such historic pugilistic contests as Patterson vs. Johansson II, Frazier vs. Foreman I and the fight of the century Frazier vs. Ali I. Mercante also shares his private thoughts on Graziano, Patterson, Ali, Leonard, Gerry Cooney, Tyson, David Susskind and Requiem For A Heavyweight and much more. A man of great integrity, Mercante openly speaks his mind about the often dark world of professional prizefighting. A must read for the true boxing fan!

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Mark S. Hewitt

A delightful rarity for all those interested in the early days of professional wrestling…yes folks when it was real…is the new Paladin Press publication CATCH WRESTLING by old-time wrestling historian Mark S. Hewitt. With the current popularity of “The Ultimate Fighting Championship” the author entertainingly recounts the roots of “America’s martial art” in this meticulously researched and colorful history of wild & wooly days of professional wrestling. Read about the exploits of an elite group of wrestlers who could, and often did, really put their lives and their reputations on the line. Evan Lewis, Tigerman John Pesek, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch, Fred Beell, Joe Stecher, Charles Cutler, Clarence Eklund, Jack Taylor, Marin Plestina, Ad Santel are just a few of the authentic grapplers in this book who took on all comers in packed arena, carnivals, circuses county fairs, vaudeville theaters and dirt lots throughout America. All this and a superb collection of vintage photographs, posters and ads from wrestlings golden age. A must for wrestling collectors and budding historians everywhere.

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Jeremy Schaap

JAMES J. BRADDOCK, MAX BAER AND THE GREATEST UPSET IN BOXING HISTORY is the incredible true story of an unsung american hero. Jeremy Schaap takes us back in time and tells the inspiring true story of James J. Braddock, a down-on-luck boxer who overcame adversity inside and outside of the ring, to become the heavyweight champion of the world. In the spring of 1934, Braddock was washed up. Wiped out financially by the Great Depression, his once-promising boxing career sidelined by a broken hand, the 29 year-old father of three could barely feed his family. One year later, he capped an amazing improbable comeback by upsetting Max Baer for the heavyweight championship. Set against the backdrop of depression era New York, rich in anecdote, steeped in social and sporting history and full of real life drama, CINDERELLA MAN is the largely untold story of a fighter who battled his way back from the bottom of the heap. An uplifting story and a must read for the boxing memorabilia collector.

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Andrew M. Kaye

In 1926, Theodore “Tiger” Flowers became the first African American boxer to win the world middleweight title. The next year he was dead. The victory of surgery gone wrong. His funeral in Atlanta drew tens of thousands of mourners, black and white. A funeral such as this, would not be seen in Atlanta again until 1968 – the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. THE PUSSYCAT OF PRIZEFIGHTING is more than an account of Flowers’ remarkable achievements – it is a penetrating analysis of the cultural and historical currents that defined the terms of Flowers’ success as both a man and an athlete. Kaye tells the story of Flowers, who crafted an uncontroversial public persona, and was ever mindful that the ring was a testing ground for much more than his punching ability.



Collected from a series of boxing articles written for the New York Evening World, this reprint of the classic HOW TO BOX is actually four books in one. Originally appearing in 1899 and regularly reprinted throughout the next three decades, HOW TO BOX offers advice on boxing, muscle development, nutrition and fitness and punching reflecting the training practices adhered to by the great boxers of the early 20th century – much of it still relevant today. A classic boxing manual with words of wisdom from legendary champions Terry McGovern and James J. Corbett, Dr. J. Gardner Smith and champion bag-punchers Gus E. and Artie R. Keeley.

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F.Daniel Somrack

Arcadia continues to impress readers with its newest release BOXING IN SAN FRANCISCO. Through the latest edition in the Images In Sports series, boxing historian F. Daniel Somrack, presents striking images of boxing’s golden age from 1890 to 1914. Somrack spotlights such greats as Gentlemen Jim Corbett, Joe Choynski, Jack Johnson, Battling Nelson, and Stanley Ketchel. The book explores San Francisco’s boxing scene through the years and also focuses in on the memorable venues the weight classifications and ring records. Pick it up today and see what made San Francisco into “The Cradle of Fistic Stars”.

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J. J. Johnston and Sean Curtin

Chicago Boxing chronicles the story of a sport that, during its golden age, captivated an entire city. It is a story not only of great boxers, but of the fans who embraced them, the promoters who made them big and even a few mob bosses who made good on their talent. Written by two ex-Chicago amateur boxers, this pictorial history gives rare insight into the boxing legacy of the town once known as the City of Big Shoulders. Chicago Boxing contains many exceedingly rare photos from the earliest days of boxing in the Windy City. Superbly written by J. J. Johnston and Sean Curtin, it’s a must have for boxing historians and memorabilia collectors alike!

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Bert Sugar On Boxing

Bert Randolph Sugar

In the not too distant past, boxing writers were often considered the cream of the crop among sports journalists and were usually outlandish characters to boot. Bert Sugar, a chip off the old typewriter, with trademark cigar and fedora lid, is a gift to be savored and appreciated, (especially in this age of instant gratification) whether meeting him in person or through his writing. In this collection of diversified boxing topics, whether it be historical analysis or raw gut opinion, Sugar, always entertains and enlightens, and never backs down. With his own special brand of prose and poetic license, and with a true love for the sport and its participants, Bert Sugar, writer and historian, pulls no punches in this fireside treat for boxing fans everywhere. So kick off yer penny loafers and enjoy a great read of “Rants and Raves”, “Fighters” and “Fights” and “History”.

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Ron Ross

No sport is more tied to communal history than boxing. To know the personal story of top contender, Al “Bummy” Davis, is to spend “15 delightfully grueling rounds” with the fascinating characters, places and events of Depression era, Brownsville, Brooklyn. With his unique style, Ron Ross, splendidly well-tuned to the patois of this legendary Jewish neighborhood, fills in the gaps of everyday conversations between fabled characters lost in time. Remarkably, well researched, this story of an “ill-fated prizefighter” is not just for boxing fans, but for anyone who is intrigued with the social history and the inherent drama of New York’s neighborhoods in days gone by. A great read and a must have for all students of boxing history. As my good friend, Mike “Canvasback” Ames would say…”Hit em in da kishkas”,…as for me…well I’m on my way to the local candy store for a vanilla egg cream.

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Jerry Fitch

In the 1880’s, Cleveland’s brawny dock workers often settled their disputes, in out-of-the way locations such as Whiskey Island, via bare-knuckle fisticuffs. This spawned the popularity of boxing as a legitimate sport in later years. Cleveland’s Greatest Fighters Of All Time, chronicles the careers of the city’s most popular and successful pugilists. Renowned greats such as World featherweight champion, Johnny Kilbane, top contender “Baker Boy” Johnny Risko, feared bantamweight Carl Tremaine, Jack Kid Wolfe who met 7 world champions and defeated 5 of them, NBA featherweight champ Georgie Pace, two of the greatest non-champions ever Lloyd Marshall and Jimmy Bivins, light Heavy king Joey Maxim and many others are featured. Accentuated with over 100 rare and beautiful images, this is my favorite edition of this fine Arcadia boxing series. Just order it and you’ll see what I mean.

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Lindy Lindell

Over the years Michigan’s “Motor City” has produced its fair share of prize fighters and others with fisticuff connections who shared in that prize. But, equally important were its’ site venues where the fighters honed their craft and ultimately where the show was staged. METRO DETROIT BOXING presents over 180 rare photographs detailing the fighters, trainers, managers, promoters and the legendary arenas. Lindy Lindell brings it all together in a coherent historical package that does Detroit proud. Let’s take a step back and head for “The Barn” to cheer once again for the likes of Bob Sage, Jimmy Adamick, Chuck Davey and Lester Felton. A great read and a must have reference guide for the serious student of boxing history.

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Thomas Scharf

Baltimore, like all early port cities, had an innate reputation for toughness. The men with calloused hands, who worked in the shipyards building America, also supported fistiana in their local venues. This gave rise to such ring heroes as Joe and Vince Dundee, Benny Schwartz, Johnny Kid Williams, Harry Jeffra, Jack Portney, Red Burman and among others, “The Old Master” himself the legendary Joe Gans. Author Thomas Scharf takes us on a Baltimorean pugilistic journey via over 200 rare photographs and scintillating text. Fondly remembered are Baltimore’s boxing champions, contenders and journeymen as well as it’s trainers, matchmakers, promoters and managers. A must for the boxing historians and fans.

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The Life and Ring Battles of JIM JEFFRIES Heavyweight Champion of the World
By Kelly Richard Nicholson

Good things really do come to those who wait…Finally! a superbly written account of the life and times of “The Boilermaker” himself. James J. Jeffries, the honest man of quiet dignity whose strength and soul appears to be drawn from the unspoiled wilderness he loved so dearly. Pure and simple, Kelly Richard Nicholson did his homework with intense research. A joy to read, Nicholson presents Jeffries the man and the fighter, neatly interwoven into the fabric of his times. If you love boxing history and only read one boxing book this year, read A MAN AMONG MEN, “The Life and Ring Battles of JIM JEFFRIES Heavyweight Champion of the World”

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Kevin Smith

America’s working class populace have traditionally made boxing their sport. “Bean town” was no different. In fact, the great John L Sullivan, the “Boston Strong Boy”, brought legitimacy to the perceived sport of ruffians and hooligans. In BOSTON’S BOXING HERITAGE, Kevin Smith deftly chronicles Boston’s pugilistic contributions from the early bareknuckle era through the Marciano years of the fabulous fifties. Local color abounds in the stories and tales of champions and contenders, gangsters and mobsters and straight shooters and cheaters. This rich volume contains hundreds of extraordinarily rare photographs and detailed text which will delight, educate and amaze. Much more than just a compilation of facts and photos. This book serves to solidify Boston’s legacy as one of the premier boxing towns on the American landscape.

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Tracy Callis, Chuck Hasson & Mike Delisa

Affectionately known as “The City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, like most cities initially settled by Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants, is steeped in boxing tradition. “Scrappers” abounded, and the opportunity to make a buck from prizefighting did not go unnoticed by the growing population. To be the best in the neighborhood meant proving it to your “brother” and the legendary Philly gym wars were no lie. If you called yourself a “Philly Fighter”, your opponent knew you entered the ring with a no-quit determination to win. Callis, Hasson and DeLisa have presented us with superb accounts of the best Philly fighters from the bare-knuckle era to the fistic boom years of the 1970’s. The book overflows with rare photographs of the champions, contenders, managers, trainers, promoters, clubs and facilities that made Philadelphia famous. A great read and a must have reference guide for the serious student of boxing history.

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Three books have been written about one of the most formidable punchers ever to enter the ring. His story is one of the most intriguing of the modern day pugilist. These books are a must for anyone wanting to know more about the riddle called Liston. The questions remain unanswered…or do they, you be the judge…

The Champ Nobody Wanted

Sonny Liston was one of the sports most feared men, both inside and outside the ring and never one of its favorites. In the realm of pugilistica, he reached the pinnacle of success in his field by crushing the opposition, but to early 1960’s America, he was a living nightmare.

This is the ultra rare hardbound edition in excellent condition with the dust jacket. Written in 1963 by A.S. “Doc” Young, this one traces the saga of the champ from birth up to and including his conquest of Patterson.




Written in 1993, and printed in extremely short supply in the U.K., this was the first complete biography of one of boxing’s greatest victims. He crushed his opponents from day 1; but it took nine hard years before he was allowed to fight for the title. Were his best years behind him when he became heavyweight champion of the world? A MUST READ FOR THE KNOWLEDGEABLE FAN



by Nick Tosches

Thug!…Convict!…Hoodlum!…Heavyweight Champion of the World! No one knows when he came into this world and no one knows just when he left.



First Edition, Hard Cover w/ Dust Jacket, Good Condition, wear & tear to DJ, foxing to pages. A must for the Harry Greb collector. RARE.



By Nat Fleischer

This 1951 account of the life and times of John L. Sullivan is a must for the book collector. Well written, it tells the story of the “Boston Strong Boy”, the living hero whose bare knuckle ring prowess brought him everlasting fame. Born of Irish immigrants, his is a remarkable story. A frequent saloon fighter who often proclaimed “I can lick any SOB in the house”.