Gene Kiniski Canadian Wrestling Legend

Steven Verrier does not disappoint in bringing the reader top shelf material with meticulous detail in recounting the historic career of Gene Kiniski. Written utilizing first hand accounts of the day from those who witnessed Kiniski in the ring, the book provides authentic and accurate essentials for wrestling historians and other interested parties. In addition to the historical descriptions, Mr. Verrier also delves into wrestling match analysis, Kiniski’s opponents and the top ranked wrestling contenders of the day. The reader comes away with a great admiration and new found respect for the man wrestling promoters and fans called Canada’s Greatest Wrestling Champion. Enhanced with many rare images and statistics this book is a must for the bookcase of every wrestling memorabilia collector and anyone interested in wrestling history.

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Gene Kiniski (1928–2010) was internationally known to a generation of wrestling fans and to Canadians everywhere as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete.” Older fans and wrestling historians remember him best for his accomplishments in the ring, his run-’em-over approach to the game, his growly demeanor, and his razor wit he could unleash at will. Drawing on recollections from fellow wrestlers, promoters, and friends, this first biography of Kiniski gives a full account of the life of a champion pro wrestler who won over fans throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan in a career spanning more than three decades.  

Gene Kiniski