Buddy Rogers vs. Bruno Sammartino Original Madison Square Garden Wrestling Poster

No Longer Available!

This is the original Buddy Rogers vs Bruno Sammartino MSG half sheet size on-site paper poster. (Sorry about the “watermarks”) It has been professionally restored and linen backed for archival preservation. This poster was found (with the Bruno v Baba & the Bruno v Monsoon MSG posters} virtually in almost two pieces with lots of ballpoint pen writing on it. My poster guy did a wonderful job bringing it back to life. It measures 22 inches x 28 inches. Would be the ultimate display piece, when properly framed for display! An extremely rare and desirable MSG on-site poster. This is one of only two examples we have seen to date. 



05/17/1963 WWWF – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden (19,639; $58,966)

The Magnificent Maurice (9:53) Karl Steif
Pat Barrett (10:11) Godo Chihuahu
Johnny Barend (11:14) Tim Woods
Pedro Morales (9:58) Willie Bath
The Great Mortimer (8:29) the Great Scott
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan (30min limit draw) Pete Sanchez & Vittorio Apollo
WWWF World Heavyweight Title*: Bruno Sammartino (0:48 pin) Buddy Rogers
Bobo Brazil & Dory Dixon (curfew draw) Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard