Champion JIM LONDOS vs. JIM McMILLEN Original Wrestling 1931 Madison Square Garden Program


Nice Vintage Original Wrestling Program from Madison Square Garden – January 26, 1931 – Main Event: Champion JIM LONDOS vs. Challenger JIM McMILLEN. – Awesome 4 page, card stock, very clean (only 2 pencil check marks). Extremely Rare and desirable original MSG Wrestling Program! Measures 11 inches x 7 inches, nice images! Also features; MILO STEINBORN, RAY STEELE, DICK SHIKAT, RUDY DUSEK, and other big stars of the day! Cool piece for vintage wrestling collectors!


01/26/1931 Jack Curley – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden [III] (22,200; $59,496.50)

World Heavyweight Title (NYSAC): Jim Londos* (56:54) Jim McMillen
Dick Shikat (8:41) Ghafoor Khan
Sandor Szabo (4:53) Milo Steinborn
Ferenc Holuban (3:26) Jim McClinkstock (Jim Clinkstock)
Ray Steele (4:07) Ralph Wilson
Gino Garibaldi (11:42) Paul Harper
Rudy Dusek (10:52) Ivan Vacturoff
Herb Freeman (8:46) Tom Marvin

Jim Londos retains wrestling championship after defeating challenger, Jim McMillen, at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.. Large crowd of spectators gather at the Madison Square Garden. The wrestling match between Jim Londos and McMillen begins. At one point both wrestlers fall out of the ring into the spectators seated at ringside and the referee and spectators help them back into the ring. Londos picks McMillen up in an aerial pinwheel maneuver and throws him to the mat, where, under the watchful eye of the referee, who is lying on the mat next to the contestants, Londos finally manages to pin McMillen and successfully defend his title.