Ed “Strangler” Lewis vs. Dick Shikat June 9, 1932 Original Photo


Original press photograph featuring Ed “Strangler” Lewis vs. Dick Shikat from June 9, 1932 during their match at the new Madison Square Garden Bowl in Long Island City in front of 25,000 fans. Excellent condition, measures 8 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches, original paper caption verso, clean, no creases or folds, sharp corners. A crystal clear image!


The match was held 9 June 1932 at the Madison Square Garden Bowl, Long Island City, New York. It was a benefit affair for ‘The Milk Fund’.  The Match was classified as a Championship Bout by the New York State Athletic Commission because the winner would be recognized as World Champ, but only in that State. Lewis was brought into New York City in June and, right away, was booked into a contenders match with Dick Shikat on June 9, 1932 in Long Island City’s (Queens) new Madison Square Garden Bowl. The winner would get a title match with Londos. Shikat was the favorite and most fans thought he was being groomed for Londos’ title. The card was the annual show for the Hearst Free Milk Fund.

Curley announced a crowd of 25,000 and a gate of $65,000. Shikat dominated the early minutes of the match. He put the burly Strangler into hold after hold, only to see Lewis break free. Shikat, in turn, broke a half dozen of Ed’s headlocks. Shikat had a wide repertoire of holds while Lewis’ offense center around headlocks. After an hour Shikat slammed Lewis with two body slams, but Ed seemed unhurt and countered with three headlocks that were too much for Shikat to take. Shikat was pinned at the 1:06:07 mark. As a result of the win, the State commission ordered Londos to defend the title against Lewis in September or loss his claim in New York State.

Shikat received $20,000 from Lewis for doing the job. It was to be returned after a rematch and title switch back to Shikat. Lewis didn’t have the money, so he borrowed it from his manager, Toots Mondt, who transferred the money to Shikat’s manager, Toots Mondt (yes you read that right). For Lewis, it was better that way, because he had no intention of ever losing to Shikat. After Ed signed off on a new five year contract to be managed by Mondt, the rematch agreement was forgotten by everyone but Dick Shikat.   ……..  Thanks again to Steve Yohe   ……