Wrestler “NATURE BOY” BUDDY ROGERS Original 1987 CAC Signed & Completed Renewal Application


A Unique, One-of-a-kind BUDDY ROGERS piece!   This is the 1987 Cauliflower Alley Club Membership Application/Renewal form – It has been completed and signed in bold black ballpoint pen, by the REAL NATURE BOY; BUDDY ROGERS! Rogers has also added a great note on the front of the form!!   Buddy Rogers has also written a note on the back of the form to then President of the CAC; MIKE MAZURKI. Rogers has signed this note on the back! Outstanding Content!  I obtained this years ago, from the former President of the CAC, the late Karl Lauer at a PWHF Induction Weekend in Amsterdam, NY. Awesome piece to frame with double sided glass and proudly display. (NOTE: I have blacked out some personal info on the image, but, of course, not on the original.)